Private Hot Tub Rooms

VIP Hot Tub Rooms

We invite you to come on in and relax in our VIP hot tub rooms. The Tub House & Tanning is known for its’ comfort, stellar atmosphere and very clean amenities.

What's Included?

Our luxurious hot tub rooms come complete with large hot tubs, private restrooms, wooden barrel saunas, TV, CD stereo, showers, and a lounging area. We provide all of our clients with towels, soap, shampoo and conditioner. **Smoking IS permitted**

If you come in before or at 5 PM, you receive 1/2 hour free with the purchase of an hour or more!

The rates below are based on 2-person occupancy. $10.00 extra per additional person.

1 Hour


1 1/2 Hours


2 Hours


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