Tanning Packages at The Tub House and Tanning

The Tub House & Tanning provides our clients with different options to choose from so we can adhere to everyone. Whether you are a persistent tanner or tan every once in a while, we have options for you! Please check out the different tanning packages we have available for our clients.

Versatile Package

The most versatile option and can be used by as many people as desired.
This package offers discounts by purchasing multiple tans at once. This is a great option because you can use your tans whenever you are ready without worrying about the tans expiring.


VHR Tanning Packages

VHR Tanning is great for clients in need of quick results with minimum effort.

VHR time is purchased per minute you only pay for the time you use. This is for those who desire quick results with minimum effort

Each Additional Min   $ 4.00/min


Any other tan can be “upgraded” to a VHR session for $12

Unlimited Packages

Our unlimited package provides unlimited tanning for 1 person.

Providing unlimited tanning for one person in the Level 2 beds. Great option if you’re leaving for vacation and have a set time to develop your base tan.


Executive Unlimited Tanning Club

Our executive tanning club is a monthly tanning program with unlimited value. This tanning package is great for clients who tan multiple times a month because it will save you money on tans, lotions and packettes. **Minimum of 6 months commitment**

Unlimited Regular Tanning Beds

Unlimited VHR Turbo Tanning

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